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There was something so magical and purposeful about the inaugural What Women Want conference for me. I was excited to be in New York for the first time, but definitely wrestled with insecurities and, frankly, being intimidated by being around so many amazing women. But, Brandice and Sybil have a way of making you feel like family, like you've known them for years. Every meeting with them - even the first - feels like a reunion! Their genuine spirits and fearless passion characterized the entire experience. It meant so much to me, as a young Black woman, to see women of so many different backgrounds and cultures coming together to laugh, cry, heal, be inspired, and reclaim our ambition together. From finances to friendships, from love to health to faith and so much more, there was no stone left unturned. I walked away with clarity, a newfound confidence, and practical steps to shaping a fulfilling life for myself. I cannot wait to dive all in at the next conference!


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The WWW 2016 Conference in one word: INSPIRING!  Everything from the venue choice to the speaker selection to the dance party with DJ - yes, we jammed! I connected with new women who were interested in building better lives and heard stories of success from other women who have paved a path for us.  Brandice and Sybil produced a memorable high-energy event.  Looking forward to 2017! 

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I just have to tell you how much I thoroughly ENJOYED this weekend and I am SO glad I was there! I am already looking forward to next year and I will be raving about it to others until then. This weekend was indeed an EXPERIENCE. It felt SO good to just be a sponge and soak up all the excellence that surrounded me. It was truly an honor to be in the building and I left feeling compelled to be my best self after being around such dynamic women. 

I left inspired, motivated, and encouraged. I'm so happy I was able to experience the first one. It was really something SPECIAL. And of course it was, because it came out of the hearts of two very SPECIAL women.

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The Great Girlfriends Conference was   just the kickstart I needed to push me to the next level! It was truly amazing, rich, and powerful; exceeding my expectations. What a time of motivation, wisdom, and laughter! 

I am so grateful for the empowerment  that this unique weekend created in my life. I am certainly a better person after using what I gained from this conference to experience immense passion, financial freedom, and the motivation to fully pursue my dreams.Thank you Great Girlfriends! 


The Great Girlfriends conference is the GREATEST conference I've ever attended. Simply amazing and life changing! I can't wait till next year ☺️ Sybil Clark Amuti & Brandice Daniel- thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! You ladies are amazing! God bless you both and all my new great girlfriends 🙏🏽☺️




Thanking God this day for clarity:

Last week around this time I found myself soul-searching, looking to answer hy was so adamant about making it The Great Girlfriends conference this past weekend...I knew my challenges plus I'd also aligned myself for a weekend of work that rewarded me with a security blanket that would only last me a few days....I knew to be there was beyond keeping my word. I had a gut-wrenching notion that it was necessary that I attend the conference BUT not once did I think that the experience was going to be the pivotal point in my journey.